My working areas in strategic innovation management are:

  • Digital transformation for strategic innovation management
  • Roadmapping for strategy and innovation
  • Innovation management tools
  • Decision-making at the front-end of innovation
  • Business models for innovation management
  • Product and project portfolio management

The next paragraphs describe shortly my evolution through my working areas.

In the strategic innovation management field, I started with portfolio management for new products and soon after with roadmapping. Despite independently addressing these tools at the first moment, I also worked to understand how to integrate them to support the early stages of new product development. (related publication)

After my portfolio management and roadmapping work, I started addressing the management of innovation projects at the front end of innovation. This very peculiar early stage of the innovation process, sometimes called the Fuzzy Front-end and the Valley of Death, is a challenging subject for research and practice. My work has embraced understanding process models and decision-making at the front-end of innovation, particularly for projects with high levels of uncertainty (related publication).

Next, as business models become relevant for innovations, I started analysing how designing and managing business models and how they related to innovation management. My publications related to business model generation, product-service systems and servitisation are part of this working area (related publication).

Finally, my most recent work involves analysing and supporting digital transformation for strategic innovation management. This working area involves the digitalisation of roadmapping and innovation management tools (related publication).

Other related publications can be accessed on the publications page.